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Pouty Lips, Curvy Hips


Every girl loves a fabulous outfit but sometimes it’s a jeans and tshirt kind of day. You can do it and still look fabulous.

When I saw this shirt on Instagram by Everything Curvy and Chic I knew I had to have it! It’s so me! My friends always tease me about my signature pouty lips and my hubby loves my curvy hips; so it was perfect. It sold out on the first run but they brought it back and I snabbed it!


It actually felt like spring on Saturday. I had a rehearsal early that morning for the Many Shapes of Confidence Fashion Show and then another fashion show that evening so I needed to be cute but comfy. I threw on this tshirt, some coated denim jeans, and my faux leather jacket, then hit the streets. I got lots of compliments on my outfit so I figure it was worth sharing.

After my friend/makeup artist, Nakia gave my face the ultimate beat down, I snapped a couple pics in the hallway before I hit the runway. Thanks to my model friend Aliyah C. for my camera phone photoshoot, lol.

Top: Everything Curvy and Chic
Jacket/Jeans/Shoes: Forever 21